• "Comfort Source assisted me in delivering an "Affordable Solar Solution" for one of my customers... The customer is delighted and is saving an estimated 50+% on their total utility bills and have healthy air to breathe."

    Carl S.
  • "The Comfort Source went above and beyond to replace and make sure that I had AC in less than 24 hrs. after my old unit went away this summer."

    Dan C.
  • "Lynn is a very honest, hard working, and professional person. The customer's satisfaction is his main priority. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE!!"

    Hughie C.
  • "Very professional service and was surprised at the cost of the repair. I will call them again if I ever have any more heating or cooling needs."

    Clark H.
  • "Lynn was professional and courteous and a week or so afterwards, called to ensure the system was running efficiently. Lynn even came back to make minor adjustments again. A great contractor who is nice to work with."

    Cheryl P.

American Standard

The Comfort Source Heating and Air Conditioning is an American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Authorized Dealer. For many years, a national product testing and research magazine rated American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s air conditioners and heat pumps as the most reliable brand among leading manufacturers. With American Standard products, you can be reassured you are buying the best in the industry. 

The American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning includes many of the most notable names in American manufacturing for over 130 years. Today, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning provides the highest level of home comfort at the lowest possible cost of operation. Their systems and products are praised by consumer publications and meet or exceed all government standards for efficiency