• "Comfort Source assisted me in delivering an "Affordable Solar Solution" for one of my customers... The customer is delighted and is saving an estimated 50+% on their total utility bills and have healthy air to breathe."

    Carl S.
  • "The Comfort Source went above and beyond to replace and make sure that I had AC in less than 24 hrs. after my old unit went away this summer."

    Dan C.
  • "Lynn is a very honest, hard working, and professional person. The customer's satisfaction is his main priority. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE!!"

    Hughie C.
  • "Very professional service and was surprised at the cost of the repair. I will call them again if I ever have any more heating or cooling needs."

    Clark H.
  • "Lynn was professional and courteous and a week or so afterwards, called to ensure the system was running efficiently. Lynn even came back to make minor adjustments again. A great contractor who is nice to work with."

    Cheryl P.

Save On Energy

With the wide range of information and options to help you understand and manage the amount of energy you use throughout your entire home, let The Comfort Source work with you to manage these options and help you determine the best energy solutions for your home.

Myth or Fact - Test Your Knowledge

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Dispel the Myths

Our Free Home Energy Audit can help you navigate and understand the best options to help you save money and increase the comfort in your home. Sample questions include:

  • How much money do you spend on energy?
  • Where are your greatest energy losses?
  • Is anyone home during working hours?
  • What is the average thermostat setting for summer and winter?
  • What temperature is your hot water tank set to?
  • Are you able to receive rebates?


Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Respect for the Environment & Settings we work in;
  • Efficient use of Resources;
  • Recycle old equipment removed from homes.

Our Experience - Recent Success Story

The Comfort Source, teamed with RENEWABLE ENERGY NW, LLC, completed another "affordable solar solution" for a family in New Plymouth, Idaho.  The complete system is saving the customers more than 50% on their utility costs for their home.  The air quality is significantly better with a consistent humidity and clean filtered air.